Saving All My Love For You (Whitney Houston Jazz Cover)

Published Oct 24, 2017

RuryKareem | 1 videos


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Hallo, MLDare2Perform Judges n Viewers, My Name is Rury and I’ve been singing on Smule App for this couple years. Here I am singing my fave song “Saving All My Love For You” by Whitney Houston in Jazzy kind rendition with my friend who’s playing along his piano with me. Hopefully y’all can enjoy it n choose me to win MLD2Perform and give me a chance to show my passion on Jazz music on Java Jazz Festival with the help from your greatest music team, especially Syahrani as Vocal Mentor. I always love Jazz music since my mom introduce me with some 80’s jazzy tunes when I was a kid. I Love Nina Simone, Sade, Ella Fitzgerald, Earth, Wind & Fire, Syahrani and Iga Mawarni. Hopefully this will be my great opportunity to perform on Jazz Music Festival for the 1st time. Thank you for listening guys!! ❤️